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Egusi Soup (Melon Seeds)

Egusi Soup (Melon Seeds)

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Egusi Soup is cooked with Palm Oil, in a rich red sauce, with dry shrimps, crayfish, and protein, slowly simmered on low heat. 

Egusi Soup is prepared using red bell peppers, habanero peppers and onions. It is fried and slow-cooked with assorted meats, crayfish, palm oil and seasoned to taste. It is perfectly accompanied with Pounded yam or Eba (Cassava) (not included)

Egusi Soup is freshly cooked and carefully packaged to ensure safe and proper delivery. We deliver our Meals in a temperature controlled environment to ensure safe and proper delivery directly to your doorstep. 

 Additional Information:

Egusi Soup freezes and thaws quite well. It is a great meal to have for those sudden cravings and or when you have special guests.  

The Quarter Pan is approximately 3-4 servings.

The Half Pan is approximately  (10-11 cups), and can feed approximately 10 to 15 people. Great option for families and or parties.

Allergy Information:

Our Meals are prepared in an environment where Dried Shrimps are Present. 

We use dried shrimps in Our Efo, Efo Elegusi, Egusi Soup, Ayamase and Ofada Stews.

Based on availability we sometimes use chicken, beef or goat broth in preparing our rice and few other dishes. If you are new to Nigerian food and this is your first time eating Nigerian food, please feel free to reach out to us via email:, if you have questions about any of our dishes.

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